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The Birmingham Business School Advisory Board

One of the more prestigious commissions I regularly undertake is the group photograph of the University of Birmingham Business School Advisory Board during their annual meeting in November each year.

The Board consists of high-level and influential movers and shakers from the business world including the University Chancellor, Lord Karan Bilimoria, founding and chairman of global beer brand, Cobra Beer. The Board’s role is to advise on the Business School’s strategic objectives as well as enhancing the School’s links with the corporate world.

I have photographed the Board for a number of years now and each year try to photograph them in a different location (within the precincts of the Business School). This year the meeting was taking place at a new venue, the nearby University of Birmingham Hotel.

As you would imagine time for these photos is very limited and on this occasion they were running late so I had to be super organised. Due to the weather an exterior location was out of the question, the only other option I had was a corridor in the hotel near the meeting run with a full length window at the end of it.

After a bit of heavy lifting moving the furniture around I had an acceptable set up, placing my lights was a challenge in order to avoid reflections in the rear window but quickly sorted.

It was a relief when the board members arrived and actually managed to fit into the location I had chosen, I had about a minute to get the formal images.

My favourite image from the shoot is actually the frame I got at the very end when the Board members relaxed and the group started to break up producing a lovely ‘informal’ picture of a serious and high level group of people.