© Simon Hadley Photography

Coronavirus Update

© Simon Hadley Photography

Coronavirus Update

Simon Hadley Photography is open for business and would like to assure all his clients, and those considering using his services, that he is following all current protocols and safety advice from the Government and NHS

Despite the challenging restrictions there is still the opportunity to produce interesting and creative photographs for pr, editorial and business use. Most of the examples in the montage above were taken before the lockdown but would still have conformed to all current guidelines.

Ideally images would be taken outside and at least 2 metres distant from the subject, high quality modern lenses can deal with this easily.

If I do have to enter any premises I would have a face mask handy and gloves if necessary. I would also carry hand sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes to ensure myself and my camera equipment are kept germ free.

Photographing groups requires a little more imagination, however with carefully socially distanced spacing and the use of perspective and composition it is still possible to create pictures with impact.

At a time when more and more business’s have staff working from home and clients accessing them remotely there is a good argument that quality visual web presence is even more important.

Let clients know that you are open for business with quality pr and editorial photography.

Update staff portraits with a mobile professional photographer who can visit them safely on location.

I also appreciate that financially times are difficult and I will be happy to discuss budgets and be flexible on pricing as we all return to some kind of normality.

The priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible at this time while still providing a high quality professional photographic service.
Contact me on: mail@simonhadley.co.uk / 07774 193699