Smile…it’s Christmas!

One of the many reasons I enjoy being a photographer is that when I am behind the lens I never get asked to say ‘cheese’, ‘sausages’ or to ‘ smile for the camera’. To be honest, I rarely ever ask anyone to do it either, I much prefer to encourage a real expression of happiness through my natural wit and charm (usually by making myself look or sound a bit daft).

Occasionally you come across people who are natural in front of the camera, people who don’t need any help or encouragement to look good, which brings me to my recent photo-shoot with Miss England Jessica Linley.

Jess was in Birmingham supporting Troop Aid, a charity that organises bags of essential items for injured soldiers returning to the UK for treatment, in particular to Selly Oak in Birmingham.

Three photographers, one agency, one local and myself taking pictures for PR purposes. Jess patiently posed for forty minutes; with crown, without crown, with Christmas hat without Christmas hat, with cuddly toy without cuddly toy, etc etc etc…never losing her smile and her natural enthusiasm.

Lance Corporal Jim Inkster who was posing with Jess for some of the pictures found the none stop smiles a bit more of a challenge, although Miss England coming towards him with some mistletoe did seem to cheer him up!


My natural wit and charm does however sometimes fail me… Happy Christmas!