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An Exhibition at Banbury Museum

Fairport Convention fans (and their T-Shirts) 1979-2010.

I am having an exhibition over the summer here is the press release….

Celebrating four decades of Fairport at Cropredy

An exhibition of photographs and memorabilia at Banbury Museum. 9 July to 10 September. Free entry.

Last summer Fairport’s Cropredy Convention celebrated the 30th anniversary of the band’s 1980 reunion festival. Birmingham-based freelance photographer Simon Hadley created a set of portraits of fans wearing the festival t-shirt from each of the 30 years, as well as the 1979 ‘farewell’ year. These are being displayed in the museum’s canalside café alongside poster and t shirt designs by Mick Toole, and band-related memorabilia.

Cherwell District Council’s lead member for the environment,Cllr James Macnamara said: “Fairport Convention’s festival at Cropredy has become an important and integral part of the cultural life of Cherwell, attracting fans from all over the world. It’s come a long way from the modest beginnings of over thirty years ago and now this exhibition will celebrate the festival, the band and all the fans who’ve made the event such a success.”

For more details contact Banbury Museum  on 01295 753752, email banburymuseum@cherwell-dc.gov.uk.