New Zealand

New Zealand

On the road again

I have just got home from a ‘summer’ holiday in the Southern Hemisphere. After 3 weeks in New Zealand I had almost forgotten that it is January and still the middle of the British winter.

Shorts and ‘ jandles ‘ (Kiwi for flip flops), 30 degree temperatures, empty roads, empty beaches, wide open spaces, majestic scenery, amazing fresh food and most exciting for a photographer, light, lots and lots of light.

We also had a couple of minor earthquakes (while staying in Napier, a town destroyed by an earthquake 80 years ago ) and white sharks cruising the beach when I was surfing ( I had previously stated sharks in the water would be a deal breaker but as it didn’t bother the locals).

Anyway, here I am back in the Midlands and back at work. After a very busy 2010 and a cold snowy December I feel refreshed,  enthused and raring to go, see you out there!