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A Day in the Life…In Two Hours

Two Hours In A Day In The Life Of……

I recently had a commission to shoot a reportage style feature for a Dutch environmental company’s staff magazine.

They have a regular ‘day in the life’ spot which focuses on an employee during their working day. All the examples I was sent showed staff visiting wind farms and construction sites in dramatic and photogenic locations.

My feature was a little more challenging, the subject was working in the UK at an office in Leamington Spa and I only had two hours to shoot the pictures (it couldn’t be re scheduled due to the magazines deadline).

For the first hour the subject was completely alone in an empty office, working on his laptop, taking phone calls and making tea. The second hour a few more people arrived and they had a meeting!

Fortunately my subject Jesper and his colleagues were good sports, very patient and didn’t mind having their every move recorded.

Out of adverse conditions I managed to produce a great feature which I really enjoyed shooting and most importantly the clients were very happy with. ( It must have made a change from all the wind farms and dramatic locations!)