Photographing Redditch

Photographing Redditch

A Summer of Stock Photography

Earlier this year I won a huge commission from a local Borough Council. The  brief was to totally update their photographic stock, with particular reference to economic regeneration, subjects to include office buildings, industrial estates, housing, transport and leisure. The area had to look like somewhere you would want to live and work, somewhere the sun always shined.

I received a list with literally hundreds of locations that needed photographing.  All my picture desk experience was put into use organising the project.

Consideration had to be given to geography, weather, time of day, access to interiors or to private land and would I need people in the pictures.

My life became ruled by the weather, the ideal stock photography conditions are bright with fluffy white clouds against a blue sky but with enough cloud to create some shade when necessary. Many times I set off to a location only to have to turn around when the weather changed. The direction of the sunlight was also critical, some locations would be great in the morning some in the afternoon.

In addition I had to out think the workmen who were digging up most of the town centre to lay gas pipes throughout the summer months.

Despite all of these challenges I completed the project on time with a great set of images as well as a new and extensive knowledge of the area

I have now got to start looking out of the window at the weather again as I am about to kick off the next stage of the commission, the Borough in Autumn!!